Since 1964
A Leading Juice Beverage Manufacturer

Established in 1964, Red Horse Fruit Juice Manufacturers Sdn. Bhd. is a leading fruit juice beverage manufacturer and exporter in Malaysia. We specialize in premium cordials and drinks concentrate with real juice content, not just the common fruit-flavored syrup that lacks the mouth feel and the natural goodness of the real juice. 

Obsessed with Quality & Taste

In an industry of beverage suppliers preoccupied with quantity, we are a juice-based beverage boutique obsessed with quality and taste. We pride ourselves on our relentless pursuit of quality & taste, our superior food science expertise and our personalized customer service.

Ensure a Loyal Customer Base
To maintain our excellence, we have a team of professionals with comprehensive knowledge and experience in fruit juice & ingredient sourcing, production quality control and product packaging. The result is premium quality and great taste. It is no wonder that our products are served by many of the finest hotels, restaurants & pubs in Malaysia.

Our goal is to ensure a loyal customer base by providing the very best beverage products to enhance our customers’ consumers dining and drinking experience. Once you try our quality products, you will naturally become one of our many satisfied and loyal customers.


Strengths & Beyond

  • We are a full-service manufacturer as well as a nationwide distributor (via Shoon Kee Fruit Juice Sdn. Bhd. ; a wholly owned trading company) of our ‘Red Horse’ brand products and more.

  • Backed by over 45 years of experience in the beverage industry, Red Horse has earned a reputation that is synonymous with superior quality & great taste fruit juice beverage among the Malaysian consumers as well as among our export clients.

  • We have set high standards in the beverage industry and we are committed to serving our customers with quality products through the use of superior ingredients during our manufacturing processes.

  • Our policy is to maintain our product quality at the highest standard while keeping our costs low. With overheads and advertising kept to a minimum, we are confident in meeting your requirements.

  • Our product development team will assist you to keep inline with the market trends and consumer tastes by offering new and innovative products.


OEM / Contract Packing Services Offered:

We provide OEM / Contract Packing services by customizing a product according to customer’s requirements for quality and price. It is our passion and we do it very well.

  • Proprietary formula tailored for unique needs.
  • Customized Packaging.
  • Products that distinguishes from your competitors.

Our in house R&D resources will work hand in hand with you to develop a customized, personalized proprietary program. It is one of the ways we at Red Horse add value for our customers.

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